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What is the best thing to take for fibromyalgia? My doctor prescribed me Lyrica and I did not seem?

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kaismama 8 Mar 2013

Its pretty much individual and usually takes a combo. I take effexor and gabapentin.

Brie34 10 Mar 2013

Gabapentin (aka, Neurontin) was the MOST horrible drug I have ever experienced. I was thought to be drunk by a lady I had known a long time. It made me feel badly. Like I said, everyone is different. I know several people who found it helpful in the beginning, but I would stay away from it. All of the drugs that are being referred to on this site are potentially deadly and must be tried with the utmost caution.

pamee 8 Mar 2013

Hello Lynn,
Sometimes you may need an antidpressant along with the Lyrica. There is another medication specificly for fibro which works like an antidressant, it is called Savella. Let your doctor know that the Lyrica isn't helping, and mention the Savella.

Best of luck,

pamee 8 Mar 2013

Correct spelling is Savella

sara12345 8 Mar 2013

I take the max dose of Trazodone which has made a tremendous difference. But even at the lowest dose it helped me some. It's also a fairly strong sleeping pill--at least for me. I also take Effexor, now the newer version of Pristiq, which doesn't affect my sex drive. But everyone is different. A number of people claim that Savella took away their fibromyalgia completely. Unfortunately I wasn't able to tolerate the nausea even taking anti-nausea pills every day.

Brie34 10 Mar 2013

I had terrible reactions to Trazadone, although I also take Effexor, which helps with my pain, when combined with morning coffee (i.e. caffeine) and a strong pain killer. Yet, as everyone will tell you, we are ALL very different and each have differing reactions to medications. I was put on 325 mg. of Lyrica/day (Per: The manufacturer's recommendations and the Physician's Desk Reference). I slept for TWO MONTHS! Then, I learned that only 25 mg. of Lyrica taken only at night was adequate to help relieve my muscle and joint pain. See more comments below.

sara12345 10 Mar 2013

That's why I stated in my comment, "But everyone is different." It was just a suggestion in case someone is not aware of it.

PoisonAlice 9 Mar 2013

Treating fibromyalgia is really a trial and error experience. What helps with one person doesn't help for another and vice versa. I took Lyrica years ago (before it was FDA approved for fibromyalgia, while it was in clinical trials for fibromyalgia use) and it did absolutely nothing for me, so I was switched over to gabapentin (Neurontin, Gralise) and it worked much, much better for me, not so much for the basic pain (I have other things going on with me than just fibromyalgia that cause me pain) but it calms down the overactivity in my nerve endings considerably, to the point that if I miss a dose, it's extremely noticeable.

lmfansler86 1 May 2013

Medications for Fibromyalgia are prescribed on an individual basis. It is a trial and error situation. For me I went through 3 or 4 different meds before they found something that helped. I am currently taking Cymbalta & Sulindac with multiple supplements (magnesium, folic acid, iron & B12). Try multiple cocktails until you find what works for you.

teegee-geebee 2 May 2013

HELLO LYNN, Lyrica caused me to become delirious and I ended up in the hospital for 4 days. Neurontin caused me to go into kidney failure and Savella caused a hepatic liver. I cannot take any of these types of meds. I cannot find a doc that will prescribe any type of narcotic thanks to people who abuse and OD. So I've filed for medical marijuana. This is my last resort. I don't know what to so. I hope you don't have the problems that I did and you can find some relief. God Bless you and yours, Teresa free discount card

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