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What's the best way to sleep when u have restless legs an they hurt all night?

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marjorie zych 20 Dec 2015

You could try a warm bath or a heating pad wrapped around your legs and there is a drug called Mirapex 0.5 mg it works wonders for me and it is for this problem as well as for parkinsons disease. Call you doctor soon you don't need to put up with the pain I have been there for years, marjorie zych

Delila 20 Dec 2015

Hi, i answered this question last night but i must have written something against the rules as i see it has been removed... OK so a quick list of lifestyle changes you can make... eating a healthy diet (which can promote improved sleep), cut down on caffeine, cut down on nicotine or quit smoking, both of which can also interfere with sleep. Review any medications you take, in case they interfere with your condition. You can try hot or cold compresses on your legs, and hot baths often help. Exercise is great for RLS, including Yoga. Supplements such as vitamin D can help. And finally, research a 'good hygiene guide'. I hope some of this helps!

suchacleverboy 25 Dec 2015

I wish I knew the best way, because I have the same kind of problem and could use the help, too...
My leg pains feel the same as when I had "growing pains" as a kid. My dad would wrap towels around my legs when I complained about it back then, so I've started doing the same thing by wrapping a soft winter scarf or two around my leg. I'd recommend trying something like that; it's not perfect but it has definitely helped dull the pain in my legs a lot and usually that's enough to help with sleep.
I would also suggest asking your doctor about possible restless leg syndrome as well if you haven't already. free discount card

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