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Whats the best way to get rid of anxiety without taking drugs ?

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endlessPred 18 Jun 2013

Therapy. A good therapist will help you learn to retrain the mind and body with bio feedback and meditation. Sometimes meds are used to help support the person until they learn these methods to be calm. Depending upon how strong your symptoms are, and your desire to learn and change, you will determine how quickly you find relief. drugs alone only mask the anxiety. It is the mind which generates the feeling.

mhelcl 19 Jun 2013

For me, the best remedy is cardio exercise. I find cardio vascular type of exercise the best. It takes time to get your body prepared for higher level workout loads but there is nothing more effective for anxiety than 4 hour bike ride or 2 hour run or 1 hour free style swim or combination there of. I found my anxiety to be totally gone when I reach 15-20 hours of exercise a week. I would run 1 hour before work, swim 30 minutes at lunch and bike 1-2 hours in the evening. On Sundays I would do super combo of biking 3-4 hours followed by 1-2 hour run. I would take 1-2 days off depending on how I felt.

sierrabstrong 1 Jul 2013

There really is no way to get rid of the anxiety unless you want doctors to throw more pills at you. i find what helps me is getting out of the house, stay busy and have allot of people around you for support.

endlessPred 1 Jul 2013

Sorry my friend, anxiety is being controlled all across the country with very new techniques. Aren't you glad you are wrong? People do leave OCD, phobias, generalized anxiety disorders behind. It is a new frontier out there and those willing to do the work are finding a whole new life. I am working to get the word out and help others learn they do have a choice. I will post a new question regarding resource where more can be found than four walls and a bunch of pills. There is hope. People regain lives. I wish the same for you and others who suffer so much. Karen

MacIntosh12 2 Jul 2013

Hi sierrabstrong, I happen to agree that staying busy and getting out of ones rut can help greatly. Unless it's a genetic true chemical disorder, then one needs medication, but docs do toss antidepressants at people so quickly!

Inactive 2 Jul 2013

I don't know if this will get rid of anxiety completely, as we all have a certain amount of it, but, Prayer, eating right, getting plenty of exercise, sleeping enough, but not too much, and surrounding yourself with positive people. I know this sounds generic, but, it is likely you will feel at least some better.
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