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What is the best prescription for overactive bladder with the least side effects?

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MacIntosh12 5 May 2013

Hi vlavll,
I realize that you want a prescription med, but I've an excellent OTC med to recommend. You may have already tried it, but it's worth a shot if you've not. It's Azo Standard, which calms the bladder, even when enduring a UTI. It works great for overactive bladder, too. This girl knows the location in every restaurant and shop in my metro area! So I really recommend you try Azo Standard. You can find it at any supermarket or pharmacy.
I hope this helped, and I do apologize for not being able to recommend an RX for you, besides a med called Toviaz, IF I've got the spelling proper.
I do believe that the FDA has also released another medication for overactive bladder as well.
If I've time this morning, I will research this for you. But we have some very sharp women on this site that are pro's, who can give you more information than I.
Best wishes and I wish you less trips to the loo!

MacIntosh12 5 May 2013

Hello again vlavll,
I went (above) to "Drugs A to Z" and entered the condition of Overactive Bladder, here are the (RX) medications I found, Flomax, Ditropan, Detrol, Toviaz, Enablex, Mybetriq, Botox, Urispas, Sanctura, Oxytrol - I could swear I read that Oxytrol was going to be an OTC med, talk to your pharmacist though, Urotrol, Belladonna Tincture (perhaps homeopathic?), and Anturol.
These are just the medications I found, none that I've tried save one, Urotrol, which was a long time ago, IF I recall correctly. It was great, too!
Good luck, vlall,

harleybussingjr 27 Oct 2017

None of this answers my question. Is there an oab medicine that does not cause seizures? free discount card

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