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What are the best pills available for fighting depression?

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Inactive 21 Feb 2013

Hellol newlife 123. It varies. Often (not always) the severity as well as the form of depression plays a role in determining the course of treatment/medication to treat the depression. If one does not work, another is tried. SSRI's are very popular as off late. Often used in combination with another drug such as Wellbutrin. Regards pledge

WildcatVet 21 Feb 2013

Hi, newlife! Pledge is correct: it depends on the type and severity of your depression and how you respond as an individual to the different medications. There are many choices available from the older MAOIs and tricyclics to the newer SSRIs and SNRIs and a couple atypical drugs. In severe or resistant depression they are often paired with an anti-psychotic which amplifies the effects, and sometimes a mood stabilizer.
Hope this helps. Feel free to ask if you have any other questions.
Best Wishes, WC

smileyhappy 21 Feb 2013

Hi New life,

I was in hospital for 6 months with Major depression before they found the right ones for me. Sometimes you need to try a few to find the right one for you.

vgunderson1 22 Feb 2013

Three days ago I just start 150mg Seroquel XR (antipsychiotic) added to my Viibryd. My Psychiatrist just diagnosed me with Major Depressive Disorder as opposed to my General Practitioner treating me for Bi-polar Disorder for 5 plus years. I, too, was numb, lethargic, with no pleasure or joy in my life. Basically a zombie. These last three days I've woken up with a feeling of purpose in life and an excitement to start the day & accomplish tasks. I've tried Wellbutrin, Zoloft, Lithium, Neurotin, and Abilify. NONE have made a dent but this drug is life changing. I hope other's are helped, too.

PoisonAlice 22 Feb 2013

I would say that there is no "best" medication for depression, because everyone reacts differently to them. There are many different anti-depressants and different categories of anti-depressants on the market. It's mainly trial and error finding the best one to suit you. It all depends on how it works specifically for you and not anyone else. You can have two people take the same exact medication, have it work incredibly well with someone with severe clinical depression, and have it not work at all with someone with mild depression. Many people try several different anti-depressants before finding the one that works best for them, and even after that, many people have to take an add-on medication that's a different type of psychiatric medication, such as a low dose of an antipsychotic, to experience full relief from their depression. free discount card

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