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What is the best pain killer for a torn chest muscle?

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Inactive 23 Nov 2012

Hello joseph77. I recomend advil. That would be my choice. Regards pledge

MacIntosh12 23 Nov 2012

Since one MUST use their chest muscles for breathing and just about every activity, you may want to take Ibuprofen, as pledge has suggested, and a muscle relaxer, such as flexeril. Flexeril works great, but be ever careful if you are going to be driving, as it can cause fatigue, muscle weakness and a general malaise. One can be pulled over and given a DUI while taking these, or so I've read, so do be very cautious when taking Flexeril or ANY muscle relaxer.
Is the torn muscle causing a lot of pain?
Best wishes to you,

mrdoolin 24 Nov 2012

Hi Joseph, there IS no BEST medicine for any one thing. It all depends on your injury, the medications you've taken in the past, the meds you are allergic to, and most of all, what HELPS you the most and what doesn't help at all.

For your sake, I hope you have a good doctor who will discuss these factors with you (AND that you don't live in Florida). Anytime you break a bone or tear a muscle, one of the most important things is to keep it immobilized in order to give it a chance to HEAL. Pain is your body's way of telling you it is in the healing process, OR that it is not healing properly-depending upon how long ago the incident occurred. free discount card

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