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What is best for nervous stomach, butterflies, before golf tournament?

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MacIntosh12 6 Jun 2013

Hi lehhnsly,
This sounds like a case of pre-tournament jitters or just plain old nervousness.
Perhaps you could use a Valium before your golf tourney? Although it may affect your game, not sure about that part. Perhaps a different benzodiazepine like Ativan would be better as it wouldn't affect your game, or relax your body like Valium would.
Best wishes and a hole-in-one for you!

lehhnsly 6 Jun 2013

Why does alcohol stop the nausea? It is a shame, but it stops it immediately.

mhelcl 6 Jun 2013

I suggest that any type of beta blocker may be better to try first as it will not impare your judgement but will takeaway the nervousnes. It is also non addictive and uses in sports that require steady hands under pressure.

MacIntosh12 6 Jun 2013

mhcl has the right idea, much better than taking a benzo!

MacIntosh12 6 Jun 2013

It sounds like you've a major case of nerves before a tournament and if one drink cures it, why not have just one? It's not like you'll down an entire bottle of
vodka or scotch!

mhelcl 6 Jun 2013

This sounds good once or twice but just be careful as using alcohol to treat any type of psychological condition such as performance anxiety can develop into an addiction. Soon you may find your self in a situation where one drink is not enough and two is already too many. Treating alcohol addiction permanently is extremely difficult as alcohol is available evwrywhere you look.

lehhnsly 8 Jun 2013

What is a good beta blocker for this situation?

mhelcl 12 Jun 2013

Propranolol should do the job. free discount card

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