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What is the best nasal spray for non allergic sinus stuffiness? (no cold..)?

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DzooBaby 19 Jul 2012

Depends on the cause of the stuffiness. If it is not due to allergy and not due to cold, what is causing it?

smileyhappy 19 Jul 2012

Hi there,

You can use Nasonex or Flonase. The only one that works for me because I have post nasal drip is Atrovent. If you are just stuffed up try a salted nasal spray you can buy for kids to Adults.

Good luck,

nannettemarie 19 Jul 2012

I get stuffed up and I'm hoarse but allergies are ruled out. I'm thinking my dry eyes are a clue and that I don't have enough moisture to clean dust and other irritants (it's worse after I mow and in fall and spring, so I thought for sure it was allergies). It's clogged up there and I need to use a spray, I'm pretty sure. Is that what you have?

kaismama 19 Jul 2012

Try not to get into using nasal sprays, because if you use them for a while, they can rebound on you and make your congestion worse. I would try ocean nasal spray to moisturize the lining of your nose and sinuses. If your eyes are dry, its an even bet so are they.

nannettemarie 19 Jul 2012

Thanks, Kaismama.

nannettemarie 19 Jul 2012

Thanks, Smileyhappy. free discount card

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