I was told I was bipolar, along with anxiety and that was a few years ago... recently I was put on 2 different blood pressure meds and gabapentin... then a month ago I had 2 ceizures, passed out and turned blue, loosing my life... I guess my kidney's shut down too, so I spent about 10 days in ICU! I HAD NO MEMORY for 3 days, so who knows how I acted... anyhow my not anymore Dr had given me 2 BP meds that should not be taken together and the highest dose possible on Gabapentin... I was poisoned!!! Wow! I now have a new Dr (Internal medicine) since I'm a new member just thought I'd give out a little bit about me... since then I just can't get back to my normal and it's driving me nuts! Major stress, anxiety and no energy, which I never feel like doing anything! Okay!!! anybody ever have a similar situation or give me some answers to help my sleep, stress and anxiety please