I have worked the night shift for 20+ years, I know have a hard time falling asleep, my doctor put me on zolpidem 10mg it worked great for a few years. Then I started having panic attacks ( they came out of no where ). My sleep patter got worse so I starting taking 20mg of zolpidem and it worked wonders.The doctor put me on Zoloft which partially worked, so doctor added clonazepam .5mg 3 times a day but took me off zoplpidem and put me on amitriptyline(I have to take 300mg of it and it still takes 2-3hr after I take it took get to sleep). It seems like the doctor wants to provide with stuff that helps for depression. I lost my job due to my panic attacks, since then I have enjoyed the more time I get with my family and I am extremely less stress and I am very happy. I need 2 problems fixed(panic attacks and sleep). My panic attacks are tremendously better since I got on clonazepam and Zoloft, I just now need something to help me sleep because amitriptylineI 300mg is not working. please someone help me sleep. Once I get to sleep im good I just need something that will make me tired.