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Best medicine for bi-polar and schizophrenia?

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GuinnessGirl54 2 Nov 2013

The "right" medication for bipolar & schizophrenia is different for everyone. I have been on so many combinations and have dealt with side effects over the past six years. I am on a combination of latuda, thorazine, trazodone and lamictal right now. I have had to go through trial and error to get where I am now stable. I wish you luck on your journey through psychiatric medications.

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notanexactscience 3 Nov 2013

How did they come to realization you have both? Psychosis from bipolar ive been told is hallucinating an hearing things. What is schizoaffective if you know ? I was dx. " """"'"""""""''''' then they said bip1 only depression ocd anxiety ptsd recent Add. Confused when going through this at first dx diagnosis.

K-Lab 7 Nov 2013

Guinness is correct, there is no "right" drug for bi-polar and schizophrenia. I've been on a myriad of medications for the past 15 years to help my bi-polar and schizophrenia, I'm going to be 30 in December. As of now for these two conditions I'm only taking Latuda and trazodone for sleep. The Latuda is the first drug I've actually been able to stand behind, but that's just me. If you're dealing with this dual diagnosis then you'll probably have to go through the gauntlet of differing pills as we all have had to to find the correct meds that work for you.

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nickeyr88 8 Nov 2013

Try Latuda- It's a new med that just came out but it works super well. Its for Bipolar 1 as well as schizoaffective disorders. free discount card

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