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What is the best medication for GAD and panic attacks?

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chuck1957 25 Mar 2017

Stopthepanic; SO sorry but there really is not one answer to this question. Everyone gets different results off of different medications due to the fact that we are all different, and there are so many different medications and if one worked for everyone they would not have so many on the market. The best thing you can do is go to a doctor that you can work with and talk to him or her to see what would be the best one for you to start with. Many times it is a process of elimination. But I can tell you that the sooner you get into the doctor. The better you well feel. I know this panic is a real pain. And nobody should have to put up with it. But as I said it all starts with a doctor to see what they can figure out. I found when I first started going to a doctor I would write down my symptoms and how long they would last which this way if you chicken out talking to the doctor you can hand them the list and see what they come up with. Good luck to you and you well come out fine.

HPoole 27 Mar 2017

It really depends on a lot of factors. Most doctors would put you on a benzodiazepine like Ativan, Xanax, Klonopin, etc. However, as with every medication, there are risks and side effects. These meds can cause depression and long term effects like dementia. The lowest dose necessary like 0.5 mg of any of the ones I mentioned twice a day would be helpful short term or only as needed. Talk to your doctor. Be open and if you're not already going- I would suggest counseling or therapy to get down to the root of what's causing the anxiety and panic. Because then you can get rid of the pain.

rabnud88 28 Mar 2017

I also believe the benzodiazepam group of drugs work the best. If you can, I would start with a psychiatrist or psychologist to get a definite diagnosis of your condition. I believe it's helpful if you write or type a memo of the physical and mental problems you experience and what happens to you if you get a full blown panic attack. The reason I suggest the shrink first is that your family doctor is much more likely to prescribe a benzo if he has confirmation from a mental health expert first. Additionally, getting an accurate diagnosis is helpful in determining which benzo to take, how to take it, etc. free discount card

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