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What is the best med for anxiety disorder? I have tried lexapro,Paxil,and Effexor xr?

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Inactive 29 Feb 2012

Hello Edward10. I could suggest Prozac or Zoloft but doubt they are going to help since theyt're also SSRIs. The Benzodiazepines (highly addictive) will certainly help in panic attacks (Xanax) or general anxiety ( Librium ) It all truely depends on what type of anxiety disorder you have, and the severity of it. Best of wishes,pledge

papasam 1 Mar 2012

The problem with depression and anxiety medication is there is no one size fits most answer. Zoloft is a very good drug, not for me though. This is unfortunately something that you need the help of a very patient professional to work with you and your body chemistry to find the fit for you. It's out there I'll assure you but it is all trial and error.
Best to you my friend

smilemore1651 1 Mar 2012

I have had GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) for so long. I don't know why it started, or how to get rid of it--I guess I can't. I take Clonazepam. It is a 1 mg tablet, and is prescribed by my doc as 1-3 per day as needed. I don't feel like I am addicted to it. I hate pills and was just taking a 1/2 now and then. Just lost my job, so anxiety is up. I sleep fine at night, but wake up in a turmoil of worry. So now I am taking 1 mg in the am when I wake up and another 1/2 in the pm. Late pm and evenings are great for me, don't seem to worry at all. I know working out really helps and I am trying to get back on a regular schedule. No one understands unless they have this problem, they just say "don't worry", "what have you got to worry about?" But you know if you have this problem, you just can't turn the old brain off. I wish there was a shut-off switch for worry. I am divorced so no one to help with decisions, also losing the job made my self-esteem plummit. free discount card

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