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Best generic for wellbutrin based on customer reviews?

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chuck1957 4 Nov 2015

DrLexar; We all react different I have used many brands and have had no problems at all,They all including the brand have the same amouth of active ingredients in them and all of them should be fine the FDA has pretty strong guide lines on the generic now as well as the brand name.Each batch is only allowed at most a 3.5% difference which is really not enough to even worry about.

Inactive 17 Jan 2016

I have experienced different side effects with the different generic brands that I have tried. I also had a problem with the xl versions as opposed to the sr. So what works for one person might work differently for someone else.

Effect 11 Feb 2016

Did you ever find the answer to what the best generic is? I've been having trouble finding a generic Wellbutrin that is equal to the name brand. free discount card

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