Began 10 years ago in high school, sudden constant nausea before school causing me panic attacks when I would try to leave the house. All tests done, only thing we could come up with was its anxiety. Was out on celexa and managed to cope for years. 2014 was a good year, found a job I liked, felt proud. 2015 lost that job. Had two major panic attacks, managed to get passed them, caught the flu which brought me into major panic attacks, unable to sleep, eat, heavy chest feeling, fast beating heart, couldn't sleep longer than 15 mins without jolting out of my sleep in pure panic,
Dr prescribed 0.5 Ativan before bed as needed yesterday, worked well for sleeping last night and now I feel like I could sleep the day away but worried too much sleep will give me anxiety by not spending wtv extra energy my body has from sleeping. What should I do???