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What is best food for diabetes and other things as like drinks or snaks?

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ang1049 18 Nov 2013

Watch those carbs! I never eat any fried foods. I always grill and bake my food. I use my crockpot quite a lot. So many recipes that are easy and quick to throw in, and dinner is ready when u get home. I drink as much water as possible. It's not easy to do, but it is good for your skin, body and kidneys. You can make tea and use Splenda(or whatever you prefer) instead of sugar. I have noticed coffee with creamer runs my glucose pretty high. I really miss this sometimes, but they have several that don't contain the sweetners and oil. And you will get used to the taste after awhile. Fruit juice is very high in sugar. It has just as much a soda. They do make some that have no sugar... but you have to read that label! If u have a soft drink, look for one like Coke Zero. Or something similar. It tastes almost the same, I even have my kids drinking it. I have noticed that if you buy the cans, they are much colder and taste better. I DON'T eat white bread, potatoes ,rice etc. Remember white is bad.(that's how I remember to myself). That's the carbs you need to watch for sure! Cereals you have to be careful too. Raisin Bran looks good for you, but if you read the label... you might as well eat a bowl of Fruit loops! Eating out is the hardest. I absolutely never eat ANY take out food. I am a stay at home mom, so I don't have any problems with that. But, I understand that it can be hard for others who work, or have jobs that require being on the road. I would pack a lunch and keep snacks handy that are healthy to keep your glucose stable. If you do happen to have your glucose run too high, take a quick walk. Walking will bring your sugar down safely. I weighed 189 lbs. in June, I weighed yesterday... 150 lbs. I could go on all day about what you should or shouldn't have to eat or drink. But, it is pretty easy to know, just really hard to stick too. Good luck and I hope this helped you a little.

endlessPred 28 Nov 2013

Children should not drink artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame. They have been linked with problems of brain development. They also create a palate to choose very sweet rather than natural substances. A piece of fruit is a much better answer for diabetes and children. Not to mention how many people are allergic to the stuff. Please be careful with anything not natural. free discount card

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