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What is the best eye cream for a red swollen eye?

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paleblueeyes 15 May 2013

Is it just the outside of your eye like if someone punched in the eye? If so as funny as it sounds a cold steak tends to works well. You can also try icing it and the best thing to use it a pack of frozen peas. Again I know it's weird but it works great and you can refreeze just in case someone gets injured. However if it is red and swollen where your eyelashes connect to the eyelid that's something completely different and you need to go to your doctor as soon as they can get you in. It could be an infection or conjunctivitis (pink eye) which is HIGHLY contagious. If you have conjunctivitis you should not be around anyone (even go to work) until you are started on antibiotics. If you're a female and you have conjunctivitis you have to throw away all of your make up. Conjunctivitis is not fun at all. When I had it I remember waking up from sleep and my eyelids were "glued" together so I couldn't see and had to feel my way to the bathroom to use warm water to seperate them. Good luck and I hope I helped a little. free discount card

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