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What is Best drug to treat chronic constipation of unknown etiology?

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balbanese 2 Dec 2014

I like Miralax, slow n steady.

jeet1510 3 Dec 2014

How do you take miralax
is any side effects you feel

balbanese 3 Dec 2014

I take it as directed. No side effects to report.

Stephen Treloar 3 Dec 2014

Metamucil is a good one; nice and gentle. If the recommended dose doesn't work you can increase it; once everything is moving a smaller dose will probably work. The chemical ones can be effective too but often are not very forgiving if you take too much.

cleo130 3 Dec 2014

Miralax is essential for me, but I am diagnosed as IBS with a "loopy" colon. My Gastroenterologist has me on Linzess 290 mcg daily, after trying the 145 mcg dose. It is helping to some extent, but I have had problems with constipation for as long as I can recall. I take the Linzess in the morning, and use at least one dose of Miralax a day. I also take the probiotic Culturelle,yet still find the need to use a bottle of sodium phosphate occasionally. The only true solution for me is to remove the "loopy" part of the colon, and the doctors won't go there yet. I'm 63 and do take an opiate, but I am tapering off that, which might help. Good luck to you!

SHEsevEN4 16 Apr 2015

Miralax has not side effects free discount card

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