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What is best drug for low thyroid?

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Inactive 30 Sep 2018

Hi Klee: I vote for Nature-Throid! It is a natural desiccated thyroid hormone, similar to Armour Thyroid, but with hypoallergenic fillers, so it is a cleaner version. I have taken Synthroid in the past and also generic levothyroxine, but it did not give me the relief from my hypothyroidism that I get from taking Nature-Throid, which I have taken for around 20 years now.
It is not covered by insurance, but I pay $19 cash price for a 90 day supply from my neighborhood pharmacy.

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Klee124 30 Sep 2018

Great!! Precisely what i was hoping to hear! Like you I was not doing well for years on other types, so hoping this will work. If I take 88mg of levothyroxine would that equate to 88mg of Nature-Throid?Just curious. I will read up on it. Thank you very much.

Inactive 1 Oct 2018

Hi Klee: I looked up a thyroid hormone conversion chart and here are the results:
75mcg of levothyroxine = 48.75 mg (3/4 grain) of Nature-Throid
100 mcg of levothyroxine = 65mg (1 grain) of Nature-Throid
There is no exact equal of Nature-throid mgs. to levothyroxine 88 mcg on the chart, rather, it falls between those two doses of Nature-Throid mentioned above. I take 65 mgs.(1 grain) of Nature-Throid and it works wonderfully well for me.

Inactive 1 Oct 2018

Hi Klee: I looked up the information and tried to post it 4 times to you, but my comments were stopped pending approval. Sorry I couldn't give you that information. I did find it by googling thyroid hormone conversion chart if you would like to try for yourself. Good luck.

Klee124 1 Oct 2018

Thank you for trying!! I will google

Inactive 1 Oct 2018

I hope this is the information you were looking for concerning equivalent amounts of thyroid hormone. free discount card

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