... norco 10/325 for past year - had successful spine surgery but still have some pain issues. Will need another surgery in the fall - very concerned with being dependent on norco. I try to limit my intake to no more than 2 per day - and wait as long as possible to take one in the day as I can. I realize that this alone probably means I have developed a dependency issue. My last Drs appointment was prescribed a medrol pack and more norco- I am so sensitive to steroids I could only do 1/3 dose and for only 3 days - gives me horrible anxiety. Has anyone gone through something similar? I'm a very active person - 49 y/o athletic - my surgery and now other orthopedic issues are making it difficult to enjoy life the way I did. I also wonder if norco can cause depression? Or if not could it make a person with depression and anxiety "feel worse"? Thank you