So I've just started on latuda - to treat bipolar II - and I already had insomnia prior, but now it's worsned.
I also am prescribed Valium as fallback option but at this point it feels like I need to take it every night. (I was also prescribed belsomra a few months back and all it does it put my body to sleep but not my brain).
My psych suggest bringing seroquel back into the equation at a low dosage but I was on that before and hated the side effects. I also came off amiltriptyline a few months ago which was originally prescribed as a sleep aid but then I was upped on the dosage to also treat my severe anxiety and it was the worst, I gained so much weight (like went from a AUS 8-10, to a AUS 14), and it made depressive episodes ten times more harrowing than unmediated.
I've looked into trazodone as maybe an alternative but my main concern is "psychomotor retardation", as I work as a cook in a fast paced environment and worry it'll affect my ability to do my job.

Basically I'm stumped. Over the past 4 years I've been on like 10 different medications and seem to get either really irritating side effects or the medication worsens aspects of my mental health.