Im 16 and Ive had headaches almost everyday of my life since I was in 3rd grade. I've literally tried every medication under the sun; preventatives and the kind you take when needed. No help. I'm down to 2 more choices such as a type of steroid and a sleeping med to put me i the deepest sleep for a week to break my headaches cycle. I'm losing hope. I've had ct scans and MRIs done and found nothing. I take 3 fiorinal when I have a headache which is 5 days a week and that usually helps but isn't the best medicine to take so much so often. My neurologist has now told me to possibly try those last 2 methods or just get a massage ever 3 months to calm the cycle down.

Right now I take levothyroxyn (4-5 months so far) and generic celexa (3weeks so far) I've always had depression and anxiety and I was just diagnosed with a low thyroid a few months ago.

I get migraines and tension headaches that make me fairly sick which is hard to keep moving on but... warriors don't cry right? Just never give up I've found. Anything will help.

Looking for more hope.