I have been battling with severe depression for almost 5 years now. At the beginning I didn'task for help from my doctors. Now its been a little over a 2 years since I've been taking medication for the depression.
I'll give a little background as to why I've become depressed. In 2011 my husband and I got married and then in February 2012 I waisn'tagnosed with stage 3 ovarian and peritoneal cancer. I had to have a complete hysterectomy and went straight into menopause. My husband and I had began trying to start a family when I was diagnosed so those dreams of carrying a baby and becoming a mommy were snatched away from me. Then after my first chemotherapy treatment my husband was on the way to the store to get me some Gatorade and wasn't a half a mile from home when he was in a horrible accident that caused him to break his neck. In 2015 I had custody of my 2 wonderful nephews and my sister demanded to the state that they be removed from my home ( I filed tax fraud charges on her for filing them on her taxes so she was being selfish) then I lost my best friend my entire world my mama left to go home to heaven. So see why I'm in a deep ddepression? It seems the heartaches are never ending.
Anyway I have been on a couple meds such as efexor, paxil and now Zoloft 200mg a day. The
first two had horrible side effects on me. The Zoloft started out at 100mg for aapproximately 7-8 months then I started having my crying spells and withdrawaling spells (keeping to myself, not leaving the house, sleeping all the time) again so she bumped me up to the 200mg a day. I've been on that does for now for about 6 months + - now and it isnt helping me at all. I am afraid if I tell the doctor its nnot helping she will think I'm drug sshopping. That is the furthest from the truth. I am on a ton of medicines for different health issues and I don't know if that plays part into what I can or can't take. I just want to feel semi normal again. I'm ready for my life back. Any help comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance
I forgot to mention that I also suffer from chronic pain which doesn't help the situation any...