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Best antidepressant for anger for a male?

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silmarien 8 Sep 2011

There's no clear cut answer for this. Everyone responds differently to antidepressants. I've tried all the SSRIs/SSNRIs on the market, except Viilbryd (which just came out).

For anger, a benzodiazepine can often be helpful. But again, everyone is different. Benzos tend to have a calming effect.

It might be that you have Bipolar Disorder (either type 1 or 2). If that is true, Lithium and/or Lamictal can be helpful.

puckiemull 8 Sep 2011

Hi Chell,
As Pledge stated,there is no specific med that can help any one person with their anger,what might suit one might not agree with another.
You really need to go have a talk with your doc to get a professional opinion as Pledge gave you a list of meds that can help,but you need to be evaluated by your doc to see what med will be right for you.
You may not find the right one straight away,i suffer from panic/anxiety,depression and ocd and still trying to find the right combo to help with it all.Benzo's do help calm you but again you might need something to take along with it to control your anger,also i sugggest therapy to maybe get to the underlying problem,you can benefit from meds but therapy along with it could help you in the long run!
Best of luck whatever you decide,but i would stress for you to go to doc,the sooner you go,the sooner you can start treatment for your anger and hopefully feel better soon!

Anonymous 22 Dec 2011

Hello puckiemull. Appreciate the kind words but its my look alike. Ha! Have a blessed and Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones,pledge

sharipdx 9 Sep 2011

I have noticed that since I've
been on Celexa that it cuts off
extreme emotionial reactions,
like anger, melancholia, extreme
fear, etc.
You might ask your Dr. about this. free discount card

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