I am FINALLY ending the suffering, (I Pray). I am going to Pain Management Doctor tomorrow, and due to a letter I dropped off at his office 3 weeks ago, he knows I won't accept this new formula any longer. He declined change the last 2 appointments, but I received a voice message that he indeed read my letter and agreed to reconsider.
Now I'm turning to you fine folks to see what seems to be the best alternative? I'm so scared about the change and possible reactions I might experience. I'm still trying to work, though some of the mental anguish I've been feeling seems to have tapered off a bit,(I was told it's withdrawal symptoms) I've been on this stupid medication for over 10 years, and afraid of more withdrawal or reaction to a new medication but it's time to trust in the Lord. There is something awful wrong with that new formula of Oxycontin I think, I've been so wigged out mentally,ANGST is only word I can come up with? also stomach/chest pain (I guess chest pain in from stomach ache because i went to heart dr.)not to mention pain control is horrible. I've seen Kadian mentioned a few times? I don't know what this Dr. will try, but he better try something else
Thank you for any input, I have a little over 24 hours for what I hope is a better life. I am taking my recent MRI with me showing pinched nerve in neck, so he doesn't say we need to do a drug "holiday" like he's always offering. However, if he refuses to try another medication, I don't know what I will do, but I will not take another script for this rubber oxycontin, even if I have to get a tapering does of a non-oxycontin type medication, but I don't think I can work and do that. I don't have the type of job I can just take off a few days, and with possible neck surgery upcoming... I don't know what going to happen!!! oh gosh there I go, getting all overwhelmed and scared again... please just help if you can with information I can take with me to this appointment! thank you to all of you !!!