I was on Xanax for about a year and I ended up getting severe mood swings toward the end of taking them and I couldn't even get out of bed to go to school so I decided it was time to find something else. Klonopin "saved me" and I've been on it for about two years now, with no mood swings. After not having a doctor and basically having to scavenge for Klonopin, I've decided it isn't worth it anymore. I want to have children, I don't want even more long-term effects from benzos (I've noticed a lot of memory loss) I can't even go two days without a 1mg pill. I've asked and researched how to go about getting off Klonopin and it seems like a nightmare... Does anyone know the BEST way to get off Klonopin? I still have to be able to go into work and function... which seems impossible with the things I've read. Tapering off, rehab, vitamins, alternatives... anything?