I'm 18 years of age and a senior in high school. I moved to my current high school at the beginning of this year after growing up at my old school and leaving my old friends for my entire life. I have always had social anxiety issues, (red face, sweating profusly, clammy hands, etc..) during certain situations on a daily basis. It causes my personality to Change and avoid people and certain situations. Ever since moving this intensified greatly and the past few months I've had panic attacks on a regular basis. I find my self over thinking and worrying tremendously over simple things from graduation, prom, girl issues to being addresses by a teacher in front if others, walking into crowded rooms alone, going to class at times and many other random times. I find myself avoiding people more and more and being overly self concious about situations and worrying about future situations. Sometimes I sit alone and think about them and break down. My friend suggested benzos but I'm not sure if that's right for me or not. I just need something to help me over this stressful last semester of school and to help me enjoy it without being in constant fear and worry. If benzos aren't right for me what is?