I was taking .5 mg for 2 year. I tapered off in 6 weeks and my Dr. gave me Lunesta just in case I needed it for sleep while I taper. I had considerable withdrawals during the 6 month taper but sleep was no problem. It wasn't until I stopped taking the benzo altogether that the insomnia started. I take Lunesta but am only getting 3-4 hrs of sleep. I then read it is not good to take Lunesta as an alternative. My problem is I have a seizure history and I am scared to not sleep. Not getting adequate sleep heightens the possibility of having a seizure. I don't currently take any seizure meds because I have been seizure free for quite some time and normal EEG. Anybody else in this situation? I am having considerable anxiety and insomnia. I have tried to not take anything for sleep but the withdrawals are unbearable. Just need some advise