... how to safely taper off. Drs wont help?? Long story short Drs put me on Klondpin thinking I was having panic attacks 15 years ago. I found out 15 yrs later I have multiple heart issues,, Vaso Vagle, afib, In essence a messed up electrical system. Hence I got a pacemaker and doing fine. Since I am a woman all I ever herd was you have anxiety.. BS.. I was born hyper ... now I am stuck on this crap and my dr keeps putting it off .. each visit I ask to wean me off .. he says if Its not broke dont fix it .. really... I want off.. I take 3/4 of .05 am, 3/4 of .o5 at 3pm , and 1mg at bedtime.. I have been on the same dose for 15 years now . However I feel like a zombie.. I am not tired Just no ambition this is not me and as I am getting older 58 I can feel it now.. Its taking my lust for life away.. I need a safe was to get off this stuff , I dont care it it takes two years I want off... any serious help out here , I need a program I do not know how to do it m=by myself.. I take care of my husband and mom both way older than me so I need to be functional as POSSABLE ,I do not have the luxury of feeling like crap and trying to function all day id that makes sence. I have allot to do and take care of ... HELP please I want my life back..