I took benzodiazepine such as clonazepam xanax and oxycodone for 5... years, when I found that I was pregnant, I was about 5 weeks) and it was hard for me to quite them all, but I put them all away and didnt take them since I'm 15 weeks, I took couple clonazepam during last week and this week, actually I dont want to talk about it to my obgyn, cause I scared of her and other doctors, I'm wondering if I can take 2 clonazepam or xanax in a week to calm me down, cause I'm so nervous and depression when I take the pills I feel relax and can do everything, feel more happy
I also want to know if I can take oxicodone twice a week, because life is so miserable for me and cant live without drugs, waiting for your reply:)