... months - from xanaz and valium to klonopin - she then quit cold turkey in December and began experiencing out-of-body like symptoms. It has gotten gradually worse and now full blown panic attacks are occurring with suicidal thoughts. We are no strangers to the party'ers lifestyle but this is a first. We have done our research and really believe she is going through full blown benzo withdrawal, even though no one else including the medical profession seems to understand. I have been pushing for her to not succumb to taking any more benzos - its been 5 mos, but have been reading how bad cold turkey can be - its reached a breaking point and she simply can't deal - she took a xanax or two and mellowed out until she could get an appt w/ a psychiatrist who now has her on .2 mg of valium as needed. It sounds stupid but we have a long distance thing going and when I'm there to offer support she's good, otherwise all hell breaks loose, even with close family around for her. We thought going back on b/t 4-12 mgs of valium would work but she keeps freaking out and having bad panic attacks/suicidal thoughts. My question is - is it okay to go back on benzo after 5 mos of cold turkey w/drawal? Any ideas on recommended valium dosage per day? Again, I have fun but not with this stuff but it does seem crazy that she could be going through this type of protracted w/drawal when everything I read seems to focus on people who have been taking serious dosages of heavy benzos for yrs, which is not like what she was doing. What are your thoughts/recommendations. We are getting married in 2 mos and I just want her to be ok - I know its temporary but not being the one going through it makes it easier to say - your help is greatly appreciated