I suffer from what has been labeled by doctors as "severe" ocd, I also have bipolar type one and some pretty strong generalized anxiety and my psychiatrist has told me I show signs of panic disorder so Im quite the mess when I get anxious. I take 2mg klonopins as prescribed (3x a day) for when I get too anxious. Im also on seroquel zyprexa zoloft and adderal.
My problem is when I take the klononopins they dont seem to do much except make me kindof tired and depressed episodes seem to come on when I take them.
Ive been on valium, xanex, ativan and klonopin. Klonopin has worked the best but I hardly feel any better when I take them. They take forever to start working and when I finally feel anything I just get tired and sleepy for about 45 minutes and then I can feel it completely wear off after about 3 hours of taking it (oh which most of the time I am still fairly anxious). Most of the time I take them my anxiety doesn't really get much better and my depression epsodes seem to come along after the sleepy stage. Is klonopin my best bet or is there something stronger for panic attacks/general anxiety (like something I would take as needed) Ive tried non benzodiazipines and they do not work at all for my anxiety. (except for the seroquel) Also I do not abuse my medication at all I only take it as directed and usually it about one to two a day.