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Benzodiazepine Overdose - What will happen to someone that took 60 10 mg tablets after 24 hours?

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Inactive 29 Dec 2012

Hello catfishskinner,

Most likely that person can overdose=death, seizures, coma, all very dark to be in, so think it over you or the "someone".

I wish you both a Happy New Year,


kaismama 29 Dec 2012

Respiratory failure is a pretty high probability. That isn't pleasant, because you can be concious for a little bit and know you can't breath. At the very least I would think that much would put someone into a coma, and possibly on a ventilator, maybe to never get out of the bed again. So yes, if someone is contemplating it, don't.

christopher72 15 Feb 2014

Actually I spoke to a nurse who said that you cannot die from benzos. The worst that would happen after taking a whole bottle is you would fall asleep for 42 hours.

haileybailey3 4 Apr 2015

I didnt think they made 10 mg tablets... free discount card

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