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Benoquin - Is this drug discontinue, if so what is used to replace it with by precription?

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Marvell 24 Aug 2009

Yes, Benoquin has been discontinued and there are no generics for it either.

The other medicine which can be used for vitiligo is Oxsoralen (methoxsalen).

Benoquin and Oxsoralen work differently so please get advise from your doctor.

peoriaaz 20 Jan 2010

Benoquin can still be purchased at a compound pharmacy with a prescription. I started using Benoquin in October 2009 and in three months have had great success. However, there is no manufacture of Benoquin anymore. This is why it needs to be purchased at a compound pharmacy. A compound pharmacy is a pharmacy where they actually mix the ingrediants on site to make the prescription.

chaselan 7 Jan 2011

where will I find a compound pharmacy, to get benoquin. free discount card

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