I am on day 3... and all I have been doing is eating. Low card and low cal... but still... I feel nothing. Only side effect was day 1 and 2 I had a dull headache in my temple. Today- no head ache. I feel good... but I still want to eat everything and anything. Most reviews shows it worked instantly. I am worried I just paid 173.00 for nothing. I have PCOS/ Hormonal and Fertility probs. I'm insulin resistant. I'm 33 and 240lbs. I had the lap band Sept 2012. I lost 80lbs. I had emergency surgery due to an ectopic pregnancy 10/2013 . Since then, my band stopped working. I have been seeing my doc the band in hopes it starts working again, but nothing and I have been sitting at 230-240 for a year now. So asked for this drug in hopes it will get my system going and maybe my band working again. I eat Paleo, Low Carb, about 100-1200 cals a day. No soda, I am guilty about the sweats... but I hope Belviq will help surpass my sweet cravings. I also do cross fit 3xs a week and moderately exercise like run, walk for floor exercises the rest of the week when not at Xfit. Has anyone not had it work for the 1st few day or 1st week then it started to? I am expecting too much too soon?