I was on Adderall at a young age for ADHD and it made me completely lose any and all personality that I had. I was a boring, miserable robot even though I was also on Prozac at the time. I remember that it also acted as an appetite suppressant.

Does Belviq act the same way? I know that both Adderall and Belviq are stimulants. But somehow, I'm hoping that Belviq will be different because I really need to use it as an appetite suppressant, but I do not want to become the robot that I was when I was on Adderall. I have binge eating disorder, though, and I need some kind of control over it so I stop gaining weight and adding on to my negative self image.

I was on Wellbutrin XL (for depression, body dysmorphic disorder, and binge eating disorder) for about a week and a half before my mom suspected an allergic reaction. Just bad bruising, although I suspect that it is not an allergic reaction at all and instead, just normal bruising. But she told my psychiatrist and he told me that it was medication "rash" even though I seriously doubt it. There is no rash. But that's another story. Anyway, it was working really well to control my negative thoughts and my binge eating. I hadn't had that much control over my binge eating in so long and it was great. I lost 5 pounds in that week and a half. As much as I really want to continue Wellbutrin, my mom and my psychiatrist want to switch me to a combination of Belviq and Zoloft.

I'm scared to switch because I do not want to become the person I was while taking Adderall. So will it be the same?