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Belviq - I take 150 mg Synthroid for hypothyroid and have gained 20 lbs. will Belvig work for me?

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suzanne66 20 Nov 2013

It may do. Belviq is a prescription medicine so you will need to discuss this with your doctor.

debbie1561 20 Nov 2013

My doctor prescribed it & I start tomorrow. I was just wondering if anyone has the same problem and if Belviq works.

missyme11 28 Nov 2013

I'm hypothyroid as well. I actually gained nearly 60 lbs before being diagnosed and treated. Even still, I've had a hard time getting off what I gained despite treatment -- I'm on 140 mcgs of levothyroxine. Belviq has worked for me. I've lost 14 pounds in 6 weeks and hoping that the rest of the weight will come off as easily. Surprisingly, it hasn't been a painful struggle to lose the weight.

I'd say it's worth a shot!

debbie1561 28 Nov 2013

Thank u.

kcgg 16 Nov 2014

do you take your levothyroxine at the same time you take your belviq in the morning ?

micmc 29 Dec 2014

I've had thyroid disease, including cancer and the side effects of Bekviq are exactly the symptoms if thyroid issues, especially hypo. I would never put a drug like this into my body. I finally lost weight on a whole foods/clean foods diet. Non-GMO, gluten free & paleo. Only med I take now is desiccated thyroid. I save money on food by shopping farmers markets and since I don't need all those med anymore. free discount card

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