I would like to knw is anyone else also having this problem? I went back to my dr on May 6 to see if I had lost any weight and none . I 36 f 4 ft 11 in my weight currently is 135 lbs.. I have never had a weight problems had three kids lost all the weight after them went back to my normal 108 lbs and a size 7/8. Ruled everything medical out not pregnant , rhyroid fine , diabetes fine . I have had some gastro issues for the past two years I could not do number 2 at all I would go at least 4 or 5 mnths without. Bowel movement then I would get do full I would randomly have thee attacks where I violently throw up get nausea and violent diarrhea I would be so dehydrated tht I would have to go get fluids from the hospital . So I guess with holding that much toxic stool for that long could contribute to tht I have a extra long colon and it would get to a certain point where it couldn't pass thru. I found a great dr in December tht help me resolve the issue I'm takin linzess 290 2x day before I eat and amitiza 8 mg 3 times a day after I eat. I was also without a car for two years from 2012 march til 2014 march and hubby worked late so I was home 24/7 til Saturday and Sunday so was depressed from the I'm a on the go person and I had my 3 yr old at home also. I'm sure the sitting hm contributed a lot to it. The only other two times I was 135 lbs when I was 9 mnths pregnant with both kids my daughter is 5 nw. So technicall I feel the physical symptoms as if I was pregnant my gastro issue is slowly geting regular it seems to swell up at my waist under my boob line so it makes my stomach swell up and out . I have started walking the track two times a day and eating lean cuisines and switched to come zero recently so I'm slowly trying to get a schedule down . Has anyone tried the garcinia cambogia diet yet it's all over the internet not sure how it's diffrent from belviq . Anyway thts my story would welcome comments or suggestions thanks Laura