I can't believe it. I had my last blast on Tuesday. It seems like my body knows that it's all over, and already the red is going away. Some skin is flaking off. I've had 3-4 days off before bc of holidays and the 4 days caused because of the over burn and ulcers on my lip-inside and out-and the corner of my mouth, but my skin didn't react this way. My nose was swelling up, and even the swelling is going down. My son looked at me- and he said, "Mom, the swelling in your nose is going down"
I have a section of upper gum and teeth that's tender when I chew-but cold doesn't bother it. I can't eat hot food for a few weeks.
Everything seems to be looking good. Tues. I'm seeing my PCP, and see if he has any ideas on how to help my ears. In 10 days I meet my dermatologist-Is he good? I don't know or care. He could be blind, mute, no arms, paralyzed, an in a coma-and be no worse than all of them that overlooked the cancer on the front of me for the last 20-30 years. Then I see the radiologist, then I get my CAT scan and lab work, see my team leader. See my ENT for the problems caused by the surgery and radiation. Then I see my dentist.
I feel good. I'm still following the radiation protocol -brushing my teeth a lot-fluoriding them, no sweets or fruit, high calories, lots of eggs and protein, etc.

I want to loose weight- I'm going to write another one about what the techs and Dr. Garg said about problems that patients have during radiation-and how I didn't have them and why.