Hi, I have had multiple health symptoms over 5-7 years now from terrible back pain, back muscle spasms, to dry eyes (which I had plugs put in my 2 lower tear ducts about 6 weeks ago). I have dry mouth constantly, and very dry skin a lot of times, along with hot burning skin on my right upper arm. I am constantly woke during the night to use the loo as my bladder is giving me so much grief and I'm constantly needing the loo. In the daytime I have to use lady towels to keep me cleaner and safer. After altering various medications to rule out they weren't side effects I then went to my GP to ask to be reffered to a Rhumatologist as I have many symptoms of Rh Arthiritus and/or secondary Sjorgens syndrome. I felt this GP was in a bad mood and wanted to get rid of me asap, I just felt it. Anyway after giving me yet more pain killers I asked if he could refer me to a Rhumatologist and he said 'well there isn't much point really as your bloods have all come back normal and you've had your eyes plugged and there isn't anything that can be done about your bladder problem at this time so I don't see what else they could do for you. I was shocked to say the least as I have done lots of reading about my symptoms. I believe the Rhum Doctors could possibly help me cope a little better with my symptoms. Perhaps I'm wrong I just don't know but since I've been like this for so long why wouldn't he refer me? Any suggestions on what I could do next as he wasn't my regular GP just one I saw that day.

Thanks Flower14 :)