I began Plaquenil 4 months ago at 200mg twice daily except just one on Sundays (weight adjusted).

The first 2 weeks I had nausea and diarrhea which slowly improved. Then I developed a horrible metallic taste and a burning, raw tongue. It felt like I burned my tongue by eating pizza that was very hot!. It was so bad, my primary care doctor (who actually saw my denuded tongue) ran blood tests on B12, copper, zinc and arsenic, which were all negative.

I called my Rheumatologist and his nurse said he never heard of the metallic taste or tongue symptoms and to try and continue the medication.

The symptoms gradually improved but still occur once in a while. The medication definitely decreased my appetite.

The concerning symptoms now (and the reason I found this blog) is horrible anxiety and near panic. I have had anxiety for years and take xanax but this is much worse and the xanax isn't touching the symptoms. It's a feeling of impending doom. My thigh muscles have also been getting weaker and there is no reason for this. I'm active and have always been strong.

I suspect the plaquenil is causing these symptoms. I see my rheumatologist today and will definately see about weaning off to see if the anxiety improves. I cannot live like this!

Who has these symptoms? What did your rheumatologist say/do?