I forgot to slowly taper onto esipram (tho this time i was given Loxolate... any advice on if this is the same as Esipram?) So 3 days ago i took 20mg which was a big mistake. After id taken it i vaguely remembered i slowly took 5mg when i went on. So ive been reallly ill, vomiting, skin crawling, teeth aches, brain ache. Day 2 i went to 5mg, same for day 3.

Still feeling pretty crap... dry reaching, unbelievably anxious, constant headache for 3 days. Tired, yet cant sleep.

Anyone out there with any words of advice are most welcomed. I cant believe the severity of this drug. Especially after reading lots of posts... i wish id never taken it! Upside is when i did eventually get to 20mg i did actually feel happy for the first time in my life. That was good. But its the i feel fine stage that i thought i could just go off them. I pretty much did cold turkey. Tapered 20mg to 10 mg, cant remember if i did 5mg too then off, but this all in one month. Upon reading i see that wasnt the smartest.

Just want the pain to go away... (sad face but hope to be happy face!!) x