I am in a program called drug court, and after 22 months I am close to graduation. Drug court is a program for people who commit crimes because of an addiction. People who aren't necessarily bad but break the law to support a habit. Anyway I've been on suboxone illegally for 18 months now. About 6 months ago drug court found out and decided to look the other way. I haven't had a positive urine since I started the suboxone and it is just plain amazing. No desire to use whatsoever. What started out as a few being allowed to dose illegally, turned into every opiate addict coming into the program doing it as well. Now drug court decided to not allow sub use and is giving people 1 week to drop it or rehab. The other option is to get on methadone or the sub program. Meth is not for me and I have no health insurance and can't afford to see a doctor for the subs. Not to mention the shortage of sub prescribing doctors in the area. I want to be dependence free and I've been dosing down for a few months now. I'm at 3-4 mgs daily and I'm afraid a week just isn't enough time to successfully quit without high probability of relapse. It isn't fair that they allowed me to do it for this long, and decided to just up and stop it without any consideration for my ability and need to function. I've read a lot of the forums on here and I found them helpful. Can anyone help me figure out a plan to execute this as cleanly as possible? I'm open to any ideas. Thanks everyone!