My mother abused hydrocodone for years. She went to detox briefly then immediately started suboxone and has now been on the suboxone for the last 5 years. Just recently, at a visit for the holidays, I noticed that her behavior looked very similar to what it used to be when she was abusing the opiates: glossed-over eyes, hard time sitting still, not focused at all-never 'present', heavy, sleepy eye-lids at times (nodding) , erratic & fractured behavior, inappropriate comments during conversations, huge caffeine and sugar cravings (literally living on coffee, soda and Popsicles), & she looks haggard, etc.
She denies vehemently that she's back on the opiates. Is it possible that she's abusing the suboxone to achieve a high or numb herself? Is it normal that she's now hooked on it and has been using it for 5 years?
Please help. I almost lost her once and I'm afraid of what might happen to her and the rest of my family.