I think I'm behaving impulsively however I don't know how "impulsive" is considered a serious side effect. I also can't tell whether it's just me or it's a reaction from Zoloft. I'm on my 9th day. I have been binge eating, feeling extreme paranoia and reading articles online for hours about health and side effects of Zoloft, and cutting myself as well as buying things I don't need and then throwing them away. I haven't spent any crazy quantity of money and didn't inflict any life threatening wounds. I also have urges to take other drugs because "what's the point, I'm not feeling any better lately anyway". I rationally know that this behavior is not logical however I cannot seem to help myself. Should I call my doctor or should I just wait it out? I know I'm not going to do anything THAT crazy but I'm stuck in a haze of paranoia that I'm bipolar or something instead of just OCD and anxiety. I just can't tell if I'm over reacting.