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Just began taking lithium 150mg at night. Not to happy about it. Feeling a little bit weird?

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Inactive 12 May 2016

You just began the medication. You say you feel "weird". If you could describe what you are experiencing that would be helpful.

WildcatVet 12 May 2016

Hi, Trahern! How long ago did you start your lithium? You are probably feeling some mild, transient side effects that usually resolve within a few days to a couple of weeks.
Please feel free to post again and give us some details about how you're feeling, okay?
Best wishes, Wildcat

Inactive 13 May 2016

Hi, well maybe it's just my brain playing tricks.
It is something like some type of numbness?

dagduncan 12 May 2016

The dosage seems a bit odd to me. Also Lithium is usually taken twice a day. Who prescribed this medication? Was it your psychiatrist? If monitored properly and taken correctly it is a decent drug that helps many who suffer with bipolar disorder.

Inactive 12 May 2016

I disagree. Dose depends on the individual especially if other drugs are being used for treatment.
Years ago I took Lithium. Don't ask me the dosage as it was too long ago but I also took other meds in addition to the lithium and all of my meds were taken at bedtime. Unfortunately, lithium was stopped after 4 years as it affected my thyroid. Now I'm on medication for that.

Inactive 13 May 2016

It's called lithium carbonate 150mg.
Yes prescribed by my psychiatrist.
Will I really go back to feeling what I feel
Is normal? Will all my manic thoughts go
away? Will I get to breathe again in peace.
Suffered from manic depression since my early
20's. For the past 6 years on Paxil and lamictal.
First time taking lithium.

smileyhappy 13 May 2016

I had a major depression and was hospitalized for 6 months before the doctor found that lithium with Manerix worked for me. The lithium gave the the shakes really bad for months. I could not write proper l y or even hold a coffee with one hand. After months it got better and I can say the lithium is keeping out of depressions and anxiety. I feel better than anytime in my life. I would suffer from depression and anxiety here and there so now I have to stay on meds for my life but we'll worth it since I feel great and can handle anything. I had thyroid cancer 5 years later and had no problems handling the news plus a divorce after 20 years. I feel fine. The psychiatrist did lower my lithium from 1200 to 600 a day and Manerix 600 to 300. This is over 5 years. Now I'm at a great level. Wish you the best and hope this lithium works well in time for you too.
Take care.

WildcatVet 13 May 2016

I agree! After a couple days of feeling a bit off I adjusted to my dose of lithium (600mg a.m., 900mg p.m.) and haven't felt better Looking back, I wonder how nice my life could have been if I had been diagnosed and started on lithium when I was a teenager.

smileyhappy 13 May 2016

Yes I know what you mean! Glad you feel well!

Not crazy 14 May 2016

I took Lithium many, many years ago... say in the mid to late 1990s(?). I am 55 yrs old now. I am not saying this to frighten anyone but just to let everyone please, please stay in tune to anything odd your body may be telling you whether you are first starting a new med or have been taking it for awhile. Keep in mind I always tend to get the rarest of rare of everything from side effects to illnesses. However, after being on Lithium for I'm guessing maybe at least a year or's been so long ago I don't remember the exact length of time... I started to have episodes where what appeared to be a black film coming up and covering lower half of eyes eventually making my visible totally "black" while my eyes were open as I turned around at work one day to leave a co-worker's office. Talk about scared.

KT313 17 May 2016

Hey. My name is KT and i am 25. I have a long history of mental illness and one of my diagnosis is is bipolar. In the past I have frequently felt like a lab rat I think you might be able to relate to that regarding your question I would tell your doctor everything you're feeling and all of your symptoms and I have him either wean you off of that medication and go back to one that was helpful or ask him what his opinion to do is. Don't stop taking your medicine but also do not stay on a medication that makes you feel uncomfortable when it's the correct medication you will feel normal I wish you the best

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Inactive 17 May 2016

Thank You!

Tanji1a 27 Jan 2018

I just wanted to add, for anyone reading this... it is not uncommon to start someone out at this dose. They start you at 150 and increase slowly guided by blood work. I am speaking from recent experience. Just an FYI.

I see this is an older question, but I think with any new medication like this, something we know is talked about as it is, we worry about starting it. It has quite the stigma. When you know in your heart that you need something though you hit a point in life where you need to try it. I've been through a number of medications with a decline in my mood. I struggle with the thought that these meds have actually caused it. :/ Perhaps that is me overthinking. I have seen a change in my life since starting Lithium. Here's hoping. Sigh free discount card

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