Hi I hope I can get some help here.I have a Dr apt tomm at my pain spec.But my meds ARE NOT working I have been in so much pain.Right now I am on 3- 10 mg perocet for break through pain and 3 40mg oxycontin a day.And I need something STRONGER I am hopeing to change the oxycontin as I don't think that they work well at all.I used to be on 3 15mg oxycondone and 6-30 mg of oxycondone and this new Dr said it was way too much short acting meds But I NEVER complained for a year.In the last 2 months all I say is how bad I hurt.I have been bed ridden for the last 2 days because I hurt so bad,What should I ask for.I AM NOT looking to get high or out of it I just want a quality of life back.The fetenal patches break out my skin So they are not an option.But I don't think he would give them to me anyway.So what would be the next step up besides oxycontin All any any suggestions would greatly appreciated
God Bless
The Cleo