always having muscle pains and erratic heart beat problems with this combo. Changed drs. he took me off the Tricor, Niaspan and stayed on pravachol. For the last 2 yrs now, my hdl has gone down ea. time from 37 to 26 to 18 and now 15 while trigs up and ldl up, but still ok. Total C is still at 138. New dr. now put me on Trilipix and Co Q10 with my pravachol.. What's the diff between trilipix and tricor except Abbot staying away from generics/? Same side effects and dangers?? I also have developed varicose veins on my lower left leg and rib cages since I've been on these drugs. Hereditary or drugs or both ?? Had a pad done and it showed my valves are shot from knee dn. per dr. Is this all due to tricor ??? My rt. leg is fine ?? Strange stuff with these drugs. What's with the Tricor and my Hdl dropping so much ?? Will the new combo bring it back up safely ??