I forgot to ask FP this question. The pharmacist said 30 minutes. I had been taking 300mg of Neurotin and 20mgs of Melatonin, each night. As long as I took the Neurotin by 7:30 pm I wad able to go to bed at 10:00 pm with no symptoms. I didn't like how undteady I was feeling the day after taking Neurotin so I went to see my doc. He started me on 1mg Requip last night. Said to only take 100mg of Neurotim and no sleeping meds. Last night I wad miserable and ended up taking another requip, 300 mgs of Neurotin and 10 mgs Melatonin. Was finally able to sleep but am really groggy today. How long before bed shpuld I teally take the requip and how many days before it kicks in. I want to make sure I'm able to sleep... I NEED SLEEP!!! Thank-You for your help with this!