Been on this med since feb/11 I get tired alot and I have gained 18 pds. What are the side effects and is what i'm experiencing normal? when my INR is out of range - high I feel really tired - i am not myself - i feel run down also because of some cardiac issues (aortic regurge) my DR. says i may have to takethis the rest of my life!this started as a dvt in rt leg - then i fell and went to er dxed w/ rt pe . i was wearing inflatable cast for planter facistis rt foot 24/7 3 wks w/ boot on i felt cramp like pain in back of my leg then boom! I was in hospital for 5 days . i stay in range for abt. 2 wks. then I go low or high(i'm on home montering) I really could use some feed back - starting to get really down abt .not feeling myself or doing what i used to be able to do . shop till I dropped,i went to gymn 3 x a wk & did water arobics & weights at this point I know I would not be able to do these things. is this going to get better or what?